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Remote vehicle coding wiring kits with Jifeline

Coding vehicle specific wiring kits is becoming more and more common as the final step of tow bar mounting. Approximately 30% of the vehicle-specific wiring kits in our range must be coded in the vehicle. This job can be tricky and time consuming, especially if you don’t install tow bars on a daily basis or don’t have the right equipment. We have entered into a partnership with Jifeline to support technicians in coding the wiring kits. Jifeline’s experienced diagnostic specialists assist technicians with vehicle coding remotely.

The roadmap of a Brink towbar: from development to installation

There is a lot to consider when developing a new aftermarket towbar. It takes an average of 15 weeks to market a new towbar. The development process involves many testing and checking moments to ensure a high-quality and safe towbar. A towbar goes through 8 stages before it is delivered to the garage for installation. Development starts with the inventory of new cars that come on the market.

Optimal ease of use with the MX retractable towbar

The MX retractable towbar is the most user-friendly towbar for the aftermarket. This towbar has been specially developed for people who consider the design of the car important and who opt for optimum ease of use. Brink develops the MX system for cars in the higher segment: the retractable towbar. Because the design of the car remains intact, this towbar is also called ’the elegant’.

Trailer versus bicycle carrier. Which of the two causes the heaviest load?

Trailer Stability Program: correct operation with a vehicle specific wiring kit

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