13-pole wiring kits


13-pole wiring kits

The 13-pin cable set is suitable for all cars and especially for cars that tow a caravan. More and more modern cars are equipped with 13-pin cable sets. The 13-pin cable set is the only system with a strict DIN standard. 

The Brink 13-pin cable sets offer additional functionalities compared to the 7-pin cable sets. For example, the 13-pin cable set is better protected against water because the plug is turned into the socket. The 13-pin wiring kit also supports the reversing lights and the constant and contact-switched current. The constant current is necessary if you want to keep the interior lighting, water pump and/or refrigerator functioning during the journey to the destination. The ignition switched current is needed if you want to charge the caravan battery while driving. These extra functionalities ensure that this cable set is certainly suitable for cars that tow a caravan.

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