Frequently asked questions

General questions

Do I have a warranty on my purchase?

At Brink, you receive a standard one-year warranty on your towbar and wiring kit. We guarantee that the delivered products or parts thereof are free from defects that are the direct result of material, manufacturing and/or construction errors for a period of twelve months after delivery. Other warranties are covered by the warranty conditions of the garage where you installed the towbar. 

Where can I find the general conditions?

You can find the general conditions in the footer of the website at every page.

Can I also become a Brink Partner?

This is possible, you can find more information at the Brink Partner Programm page.

Where can I find the manuals of products?

If you have searched by article number or by brand/model/production year, you can scroll down the product page and download the most current manuals directly.


About our product range

Can I also order a towbar ball?

You can easily order seperate towbar balls via our webshop. 

Range of towbar balls

My customer has lost the key to their towbar, can I order a new one?

You can easily order towbar keys online via our webshop. Brink has three different detachable systems (horizontal, diagonal and vertical detachable). Each type of detachable towbar has its own type of key.

Assortment of towbar keys

My customer has reported a defective towbar, what now?

You can contact our customer service. They will help you.

Why is a towbar not yet available for a type of vehicle?

Brink tries to develop a towbar for every type of vehicle. Unfortunately, it is not yet successful for the type of vehicle for which you are looking for a towbar. Maybe we will develop a towbar for this type of vehicle in the future.

Which bike carriers fit on the Brink bike carrier solution (RMC)?

Many types of bike carriers fit on the Brink bike carrier solution. Brink has compiled a list containing all bike carriers that fit on the RMC system.

RMC Bike carriers 2022-07-29 INT-EN

Are there towbars for hybrid and electric cars?

There are towbars available for hybrid and electric cars, but the range with which you can tow a trailer, caravan, boat or horse trailer is limited. In the vast majority of cases, the vehicle manufacturer has already determined that your hybrid or electric car may not tow objects. Brink has responded to this and developed a solution especially for hybrid and electric cars that allows you to not tow, but to carry. You can place bicycle carriers on this so-called bicycle carrier towbar. An ideal solution for cycling enthusiasts. 

View the range

Delivery and return

What is your return policy?

The return policy is determined in consultation with your sales manager. You can find our general return conditions in our downloads.

How do I change the delivery address?

You can easily change the delivery address in the environment "my brink". Then search for address book to change your delivery address. Just make sure you're logged in first. 

My Brink Account

I have lost my login details for my account, what now?

Your username is the same as your e-mail address, if you don't know which e-mail address you can use, please fill out this form.

I've lost my account password, what now?

You can easily set a new password yourself, click here to set a new password.

Have you not logged in before to our new webshop with an email address?

Have you not logged in before to our new webshop with an e-mail address, but did you use our previous webshop? Click on this link to fill in the form so we can easily convert your old account. 

What prices do I see at the shop?

When you are logged in you can decide which kind of prices you see by selecting one of the 3 options in the right top corner by clicking on the € symbol.

You can choose one of the 3 following options:

- Show gross prices

- Show purchase prices

- Show both gross and purchase prices


Remark: If you do not purchase directly from Brink (but via a wholesaler) the purchase price is simulated, in that case you can fill in the discounts you receive from your supplier in the setting menu in "my brink"

Is your question not listed?

Please contact our customer service.