Retractable towbar

Do you use your towbar regularly, do you find the design of your car very important and do you want optimal ease of use? The retractable towbar offers you this combination. When stored, there is no sign of a tow bar underneath your car, but with a simple hand motion the tow bar is ready for use.

With a retractable tow bar, your boot lid is easily accessible and your boot is easy to load. After all, there is no tow bar in the way when loading and unloading. Another plus is that the retractable towbar is maintenance-free. The ball always remains connected to the housing, so no dirt is left behind in it. In this way, the retractable tow bar combines all the characteristics of the fixed and removable tow bar.

Brink already has a very wide range of retractable towbars. However, the system is not available for all cars. Because the towbar swivels back behind the bumper, not all vehicles have enough space in this location for a retractable towbar.

Explanation retractable towbar

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