Brink Quotation Tool

Are you struggling with drafting quotes for your clients with the most up-to-date prices? Discover the solution in our webshop: the Brink quotation tool. This new feature in our webshop makes it easy and fast to request quotes, both for yourself and for your clients. With direct access to our full range of towbars and wiring kits, and the ability to set costs yourself, this tool provides a transparent overview. You have complete control over all settings for the quote in the My Brink Environment.

Instructional video for quotation tool


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How can I use the quotation tool?

1.      Log in to My Brink Environment:

·         Go to the My Brink Environment and log in with your username and password.

2.      Navigate to settings:

·         Once logged in, locate and click on the button or tab named 'Settings.'

3.      Fill in quote settings:

·         Complete all required fields for the quote settings, as indicated in the form.

4.      Add products to shopping cart:

·         Go to the product section and add the necessary items to the shopping cart.

5.      View shopping cart:

·         Click on the shopping cart after adding all products for the quote.

6.      Convert to quote:

·         In the shopping cart, find and click on the orange button with the text 'Convert to Quote.'

7.      Fill in consumer information:

·         Complete all necessary consumer information in the designated form.

8.      Optional additional discount:

·         Here, you can choose to add extra discount in addition to the standard discount available in the My Brink Environment.

9.      Preview quote:

·         Before sending the quote to the customer, you can choose to preview it. If not, you can proceed to send the quote directly.

10.  Send the quote:

·         Click on the button to send the quote to the customer if all data is correctly filled in.