How do I log in to the new website?

Logging in on the new Brink webshop for the first time

To log in on the new Brink webshop, there are three options that may apply to you.

It is important to know that from now on, your username is the e-mail address that is linked to your account at Brink.

screenshot log in

1. You have received an email from Brink

You have received an e-mail from Brink containing a button with which you can set your password for the new webshop. 

Once you have set the password, you can then log in via the login button on the homepage.

screenshot wachtwoord vergeten

2. You do have an account with Brink, but have not received an email to set a password

If you already used our previous webshop, but did not receive an e-mail to set your password, you can reset a password yourself. 

This can be done by clicking the "Login" button on the homepage and then using the forgot password functionality.

3. You are still not able to login

Are you not sure with which email address you should log in? Fill in this form so that we can convert your old account.