RMC Bike carrier solution

Do you like cycling, but is it not possible for your car to pull a trailer weight according to the car manufacturer’s specifications? Then the RMC bike carrier from Brink solves your problem. With this system you cannot and may not tow, but you may carry items. Most bicycle carriers fit this carrying solution.

Please pay attention to weight

Brink’s bicycle carrier solution has been developed in such a way that it can handle the maximum vertical load of the car. Particularly when transporting e-bikes, take into account the maximum vertical load of the bike carrier solution mounted underneath the car. The total weight of the bicycles plus carrier may not exceed the permissible maximum vertical load. This load is usually stated on the plate next to the plug connection. Excessive vertical load due to being too heavy will result in an increased stress on the car suspension and the towbar mount. It also has a negative influence on driving characteristics and power steering.