Measures against coronavirus

Dear Brink customer,

The coronavirus keeps us all busy. At Brink, we take our social responsibility and we adhere to the measures of the local governments. In this way, we try to contribute to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus, while at the same time we do everything we can to offer you as a customer the same service you are used to.

However, within the past few days the European automotive industry has come virtually to a standstill. Our OE customers have closed or are closing their production facilities by the end of this week and will reopen on April 14th at the very earliest. This signifies that our OE demand has decreased by more than 90% within a  week. In the aftermarket, we also see a strongly decreasing demand due to lock-down of certain countries.

At the same time, the new measures in order to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus make it more and more difficult to continue our operations. In addition, virtually closed borders between several European countries are seriously affecting supplies, not only for us, but also for our customers. Many transport companies are stopped at the border, or no longer drive at all.

As a result, we had to make the decision to drastically reduce our production levels. Our production location in France will therefore close on Monday, March 23rd and from Monday, March 30th, our production location in the Netherlands will also close. The plan is to resume production in both factories on Tuesday, April 14th, depending on the demand pattern in OE and AM.

We strive for you as a Brink customer to notice as little as possible of these measures. We therefore do everything we can to offer you the service that you have come to expect from us. Brink can continue to supply most AM product from stock.

Our customer service center remains open as usual, but with a smaller occupation. Therefore we ask you to place your orders as much as possible through our online B2B customer portal and submit your questions by e-mail as much as possible. This way we can relieve our customer service center.

Our warehouse in Staphorst remains open until Friday, April 3rd. We aim to deliver your orders within normal delivery times, however we cannot 100% guarantee this. Our warehouse has a smaller occupation and we are also depending on the transport companies.

In the week from Monday, April 6th to Easter Monday, April 13th, our warehouse will be closed. Therefore, orders cannot be processed this week. We ask you to take this into account and hope for your understanding of this decision.

If you have any questions, you can always contact your regular contact person or call our head office: +31 (0) 522 – 24 69 222.

Finally, on behalf of Brink, I wish you a lot of strength and, above all, a lot of health in this difficult time. Let’s do our best to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.

Kind regards,

Koen Buyst
VP IAM Sales & Marketing